Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 2-Almost not groggy!

I slept until 5 today and evidently slept through several knocks on my door.  The shower is acting crazy and they had brought workmen out to fix it but I was dead to the world. I felt pretty good when I got up, but it is starting to hit me again and I am really tired. Here is how the day went-first I had some lovely clothes brought to me.  Salima Hashmi ordered some for me prior to my arrival and they are beautiful.  I ordered some online and they are ok, but not nearly of the same quality.  My friend Sarah had told me this.  Now I know exactly what she means. All the clothes are cotton or fine lawn to help combat the heat.

There are two house servants I have met-Sayed, the cook, and Abbas, the house guy. They speak English but I need to learn some basic Urdu to help them understand me.  They are very kind and work hard to please.

At 5:30 I had tea with a group of IT specialists staying at the guest house. It was Mrs. Katvai's (I am sure I am not spelling this correctly) birthday and I was invited to attend  along with some other Beaconhouse folks.  Tea (from what I have seen in the past ) is usually biscuits (cookies), cakes, pastries, samosa's and tea).  Today it was a full table of food-wonderful mango's (taste completely different from the ones at home), kabobs (not like ours-these are patties of mixed meat), several cakes, ice cream and a ton of other dishes.  Our cook Sayed had already made dinner for me too so I ate again at 8:30, but I had asked him for something simple.  I had a baked chicken in spices and salad. He was told to go easy on spices for me until I get acclimated. Salad is quite dfferent.  Basically no lettuce but finally chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and a few other vegetables that I was not quite sure of served on a flat dish.  You eat it with yogurt and it is tangy and fresh.  This was all topped off with fresh baked naan (flat bread). Now I can't move!

Although I've not been here quite a day I can see I'm going to learn to be very flexible here.  Schedules change, plans change and there is no point in getting cranked up over anything. The power goes out regularly (4 times today), but the generators kick in. The power sockets are different in every part of the house and internet service may be intermittent. This part of the trip should be very good for me as we all know patience is not my strong suit.

So far, I have met several people as the guest house has a number of people staying, Maryam Hasan stays here all the time.  She is an English, language learning specialist who is Pakistani-Scots.  Mr and Mrs. Katvai (from Karachi), and Simon Testa (from New Zealand).  Simon was here the last time I was and he is working on assessment at the school.  Tomorrow I go visit the school and will try to send pictures.  I am dead dog tired and will sleep like a baby tonight!  I hope everyone is well at home!

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