Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

My BNU friends, Saira, Naazish and Salima

I've been so busy with random little things I haven't had a chance to blog much. The first day home after my little venture to the foothills was spent unpacking and getting ready for class.  My friend Maryam Hasan and her buddy, Michelle took me out to this wonderful restaurant called Dhabas Wednesday night. Both Michelle and Maraym have this dry sense of humor that makes conversation so much fun. The  food at this place was also some of the best I've had. The problem is that ALL the food here is good. I keep thinking I will hit on something I really dislike, but so far, everything has been so tasty!  The one thing I expected not to like was Lassi, a yogurt drink (sweet or salty).  Another surprise-pretty good!

Yesterday was a busy school day and I spent the morning grading papers and getting ready for class. We are getting down to the end of the class now and all the students are stressing over the combination of class assignments being due. Their one day off is Sunday so we decided today to go to the Lahore Fort as many of them have not been there. Half of the students are from out of town and they want me to see the guest house where they are staying, so that is part of the trip.  This is such a good group and I really enjoy them. It will be a tad bittersweet to leave, but I hope everyone will stay in touch. 

I am still fascinated by just driving down the roads here. There is always so much to see and I know my many drivers must think I am crazy as I usually have my nose glued to the window or am frantically taking pictures One of the most common sights are the taxi rickshaws.  These are everywhere and usually decorated all over.  My student, Jia brought me my very own little version today. 

Jia brought me my own rickshaw taxi.
The motorcycle rickshaw
I do love the trucks.  This one is relatively plain compared to some.  I saw one literally with bells on it and they made a ton of racket.

Today I forgot my camera (drat!). Salima picked me up after work and we went to a designer showcase of Pakistani clothes. I could kick myself for not having the camera because the clothes were fabulous. These were designed by a former student and the Punjab government has a consortium of designers they try to help get established-hence the show.  After that we went to  tea shop called Coffee, Tea or Me, had an iced coffee (my first coffee here,) and then headed to high tea with Mr. and Mrs. Katvai, who are staying at the guest house too.  I usually have a very simple tea in the afternoon but high tea is something. Today we had finger sandwiches, samosa's, pastries, mangoes (which are soooo good here), ice cream, a couple of sauces, potato fritters, and some other typical Pakistani food which I can't spell.
Got to go grade papers now!

Here are a couple more pictures from the weekend trip to Bhurban!

I loved this shot. We were walking up to the top of the hill and this young woman was herding her goats and silhouetted against the sky.

All down the road there were either umbrella's hanging or shawls. The colors were wonderful.  

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