Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Final Days in Lahore

Today is my last full day in Lahore as I will be leaving in the early hours of the morning.  I am going out to lunch with friends today, tie up a few loose ends, attend a meeting and then finish packing so this will probably be my last blog from Pakistan.  I'm not particularly looking forward to the long flight home but if it gets me there-it's worth it!  

Yesterday was the last day with my students and it was memorable on a number of counts.  The students did a great job and I am sure going to miss them. As ready as I am to see my family, I feel like I will be leaving some special friends here. Consequently, I leave with very mixed emotions (and a lot of papers to grade).
Rohma and Ayesha
We had a little soiree that sweet Salima hosted at her house for students and faculty.  There was picture taking, Sari lessons (as in how you keep them from falling off ), an art presentation, student work, dinner, a birthday cake (for me!) and presents. Doesn't get much better than that!  The hard part is saying goodbye but I am going to pull a Scarlett O' Hara, and think about that tomorrow.
Cutting the Mango Birthday Cake. It was really good!  L-R:  Samia Humera, Saima, Zahra

L-R: Jia, Shafaq, Madiha

L-R: Saima, Rohma, Tahira

I also had a very pleasant surprise today.  My friend Tina Blackaby who works for Beaconhouse in Dubai, happened to come into town and we had a nice visit.  I haven't see her since the conference in November so this was a nice end to the trip. I am almost packed (well sort of), ready to take my meds and try to clear up the some more  of this congestion before the flight.

L-R:  Zoona, Nazia, one of the studio teachers, Zahra and Nadia
L-R: Asad and Salima

L-R:  Samia, Saima, Tahira, Humera, Shafaq, Mahvish, Naima, Sumaira

Naureen, Samia, Sumaira, Saima, Humer, Naima

I also got some sad news today. Our 12 year old dog, Wilson (a fabulously original name that my daughter, Shelby came up with) passed away gently in his sleep.  He was a sweet dog, a loyal companion and I am sad to lose him.

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