Saturday, July 16, 2011

Museum Day and Dinner

After a day at the museum-ice cream!
One of the star pieces of the museum collection
Saku, my assitant from Sri Lanka arranged for everyone to go to the Lahore Museum today.  The van came and we took 2 cars and off we went.  Saku has an internship at the museum so she knows it pretty well.  When we got there we waited for everyone as we came in a van and two cars. While we were waiting we (of course) took more pictures. We were then lucky enough to get a special tour from their education director. Sobia Tahir.  When the museum first opened it was called The Wonder House of Lahore. I was sort of keen to go again so it was really nice to get the tour. 

 The first time I went it was too late to see all the rooms but this time we did.  Their collection of Buddha's are absolutely amazing and the miniatures on ivory were stellar.   It was fun to hear the student's reactions to things as many had never been there.  A group of students are working on a project there so today's trip killed two birds with one stone.  Good day. 

This sign was so quaint.  Outside the gift shop
Below I am in front of the museum.  The photo next to that  is the old marketplace across a small narrow road from museum.  Used to be the shopping center of Lahore but now it is used for Museum and National College of Art parking.  This was built during the British Raj. Later in the day I went to Naazish's (another BNU) friend and had a lovely dinner.  I'll have more when I get back from Bhurban!

This little girl and her brother came running up and just grinned at me.  Her mother asked where I was from and would I take a picture with them.  She had family in Chicago.

Ivory Miniature of Noor Jehan

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